Welcome to the Remuera Residents Association website

Every week notifications and consultation requests are issued by the Auckland Council, the Orakei Local Board and numerous other bodies and individuals that affect various parts of Auckland, only some of which are relevant to the residents of Remuera. Your committee intends to monitor these announcements and related publications on a regular basis and to publish on this website, all the matters we expect to be of particular interest to our local area.

You may also be interested in the calender of up coming events relevant to Remuera

Remuera residents are also welcome to send information and other items for publication on the website and to make suggestions about additional items or categories of information to publish.


Latest News

Have your say on the 2019/2020 Annual Budget

Consultation for Auckland Council’s 2019/2020 budget and a proposed amendment to the 10-year Budget regarding property transfers and Our Water Future is now open and they want to hear from you. They would like... Read More

Dutch Elm Disease on the Rise

Council report the elm death of a carriageway tree at 95 Benson Road. This Iconic elm is infected with Dutch Elm Disease. Scion confirmed the presence of the fungus (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi). Council arborists are organising... Read More