Mt Hobson Improvements Underway

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2017/18 Annual Plan Budget has allocated $197,014 to the Maunga Authority for Mt Hobson (Ohinerau). This is the first budget which clearly identifies funding specifically for Mt Hobson. The funding is for improving pedestrian access, repairs and replacement of signage, planting and vegetation control, and pest control. Further information (see note also): Tupuna Maunga o Tamaki Makaurau Authority Draft Operational Plan 2017/18.

Watercare has been upgrading their infrastrcture on Mt Hobson to increase supply capacity, including building a new valve chamber, improvements to the reservoir, and decommissioning several old water-mains and a high-level reservoir.

Note: The Draft Tūpuna Maunga Operational Plan was tabled for approval and adoption at the Tūpuna Maunga Authority hui on 2 June 2017. Following that, the council’s Governing Body approved the council’s Annual Plan 2017/18, including a summary of the Tūpuna Maunga Operational Plan, on 29 June 2017. 

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