Clonbern Carpark Update

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Late last week GHD provided further advice on Clonbern Rd Carpark structural integrity.
In terms of on going operations, they have confirmed the lower (ground) level can remain open as long as the top deck is closed.
Testing found there is water ingress to five out of 14 slab beams tested within the structure. This is in part leading to the spawling of concrete.
GHD advise that further investigation is required to understand the extent of the damage caused by the water ingress. However, due to the construction methodology of the structure – pre-stressed steel concrete – GHD need further time to advise on a suitable and robust invasive structural investigation process that will not create additional structural integrity risk.
GHD and AT will meet with the Foodstuffs engineer and development manager next week to discuss the reports previously written about the carpark and to review the latest findings of this current report. Clonbern Road Carpark engineers report
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