Dutch Elm Disease on the Rise

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Council report the elm death of a carriageway tree at 95 Benson Road. This Iconic elm is infected with Dutch Elm Disease. Scion confirmed the presence of the fungus (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi). Council arborists are organising removal logistics with their contractor.

The tree, unlike most of the street tree population, sits in the formed carriageway and has had asphalt applied to its base many times. This shows the incredible durability and resilience of elm as a species, except where DED is concerned, and why they are so widely planted throughout NZ.

Remuera has a number of private and public elms (Waiata Reserve – Combes Road entrance) that have succumbed recently, with new reports on a daily basis (almost) at the moment. Council is advising residents of the presence of DED and asking them to remove their tree as soon as possible. Obviously not all infected trees are removed soon enough, leading to infected bark beetle emergence and further infected trees.

For further information contact: Simon Cook – simon.cook@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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