Hobson Bay Walkway from Wilson’s Beach to Shore Road

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A 3.0m wide timber boardwalk, approximately 535m long, is proposed to run from Shore Road Reserve to the west end of Wilson’s Beach. It includes a 55m concrete path which continues from the end of the boardwalk along the berm of Wilson’s Beach to connect to the existing Hobson Bay Walkway. Refer to the Concept Plan for further details.

The proposed path may require the removal of two mature low-lying trees (Pohutukawa and Holm-Oak) in order to achieve a practical connection to the new boardwalk. A short section of the existing timber pier will also need to be removed to allow the path connection to boardwalk.

Reminder to Have Your Say on the Walkway and/or attend the drop-in session at the Parnell Cricket Club, Shore Road, on Monday 22 July at 5.30pm.

Have Your Say by 28 July 2019.

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