Remuera Resource Consent Applications – WE 31 Oct

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The most recent week supplied to the Remuera Residents Association: If you wish to find further information please apply to Summary: 1 land use consent, 1 subdivision consent, 2 tree consents,

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address Suburb || Description
29/10/2014 Land use consent 23B Seascape Road Remuera – Revise existing land use consent with new dwelling design
29/10/2014 Subdivision 50 Clonbern Road Remuera – Two lot subdivision around the approved development
30/10/2014 ACE Baradene College 235-237 Victoria Avenue Remuera – Remove one Libocedrus Plumosa tree.
30/10/2014 ACE 20 Corinth Street Remuera – Removal of three large pine trees and one large Eucalyptus at rear of property.


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