Resource Consent Applications April 2019

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Listed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for April 2019.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

1 April 2019 || Land Use || 179 Victoria Avenue, Remuera || Additions & alterations.

1 April 2019 || Land Use || 85 Bell Road, Remuera || Remove existing decks in preparation for new decks and landscape terraces and pool terraces.  Removal and  replacement of existing rear retaining walls.  Ground and First Floor extensions for additions and alterations – new Entry, Kitchen, Dining, Lounge, Scullery, Bathroom, Laundry, Main Bedroom and Ensuite, upstairs Bedrooms.  New indoor and outdoor fireplaces (gas and timber), new covered Loggia at rear, new spa and pool, new and replacement fencing.

3 April 2019 || Land Use || 39 Ridings Road, Remuera || Removal of existing dwelling and construction of new dwelling in its place including associated earthworks and landscaping.

4 April 2019 || Land Use || 2 Pere Street, Remuera || Proposed Changes to both the Interior and Exterior of the existing house which has a Special Character Areas Overlay.

4 April 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 26 Ladies Mile, Remuera || Land use consent to construct 3 new dwellings and 3 lots subdivision.

8 April 2019 || Land Use || 67 Bassett Road, Remuera || Extending an existing upper floor timber deck and adding stairs to the ground.

8 April 2019 || Land Use || 43 Dell Avenue, Remuera || New inground swimming pool in front yard.

9 April 2019 || Land Use || 50 Lucerne Road, Remuera || New extension to existing dwelling (new guest bedroom and ensuite).

10 April 2019 || Land Use || 120 Victoria Avenue, Remuera || New Swimming pool.

12 April 2019 || Land Use || 5 Entrican Avenue, Remuera || Residential additions and alterations.

14 April 2019 || Land Use || 108 Benson Road, Remuera || An existing small wooden deck attached to the back of the weatherboard residential house is to be refurbished for health and safety reasons, to be brought up to the most current building standards, and extended outwards by 600mm. The existing deck is at a height of 1.54m from the ground, and will be extended outwards, maintaining the original fit, form and function of the deck, but providing a slightly larger floor area, and increased rail height. The existing steps will be moved slightly.

18 April 2019 || Subdivision || 770 Remuera Road, Remuera || Cross lease update.

23 April 2019 || Land Use || 48 Armadale Road, Remuera || Proposed alterations and additions to existing dwelling, new basement level addition, new kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, laundry and garage.

23 April 2019 || Subdivision || 120 Clonbern Road, Remuera || Subdivision around an approved development.

24 April 2019 || Land Use || 5 Waiata Avenue, Remuera || Proposed alterations and alterations to existing dwelling. weatherboard house with coloursteel roofing to new works.

30 April 2019 || Land Use || 20 Westbury Crescent, Remuera || The construction of a new dwelling with triple garage, outdoor swimming and spa pool and associated earthworks on a residential zoned site. Existing two single storey flats and two single garages on site are to be demolished. The existing two single storey flats are on cross-lease titles. The owner owns both cross lease titles. The proposed development will be under the legal description of the full site LOT 1 DP 49055. The owner wants the address for the property to be 20 Westbury Crescent

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