Resource Consent Applications January 2021

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Pencil-and-PlanListed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for January 2021.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

12 January 2021 || Land Use || Remuera Montessori, 2 Armadale Road, Remuera || Consent to extend its existing number of children from 30 to provide up to 45 children with 6 staff on site and to operate Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm currently from 7.45 am to 5.30pm excluding public holidays.

14 January 2021 || Land Use/Discharge || Z Energy, 303 Remuera Road, Remuera || Underground Petroleum Storage System removal. Consent application to excavate more than 90 m3 allowed for in the NES and to disturb soils that may contain separate phase hydrocarbons (we will not know soil removal volumes and quality until the tank removal underway).

14 January 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 176A Upland Road, Remuera || The proposal involves completed redevelopment of the site. The existing dwelling and associated structures will be removed to facilitate the construction of three detached dwellings, including Unit 1 and Unit 3 near the northern boundary and Unit 2 near the southern boundary.

14 January 2021 || Tree Consent || Saint Kentigern Trust Board, 74-84 Shore Road, Remuera || To remove 1x pohutukawa tree which has grown as a self-sown against brickwork of an historic boatshed in the grounds of Kentigern school, to prune an English oak tree, to allow a phoenix palm pest plant to be safely dismantled without damaging both the boatshed and the oak tree unnecessarily.

22 January 2021 || Tree Consent || 1/36 Mainston Road, Remuera || Trimming of protected Oak trees.

25 January 2021 || Land Use/Stream Consent || 126 Clonbern Road, Remuera || Construction of a stormwater pipe.

25 January 2021 || Subdivision || 17 Waiata Avenue, Remuera || 3 lot subdivision.

26 January 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 46 Lucerne Road, Remuera || Construction of two new dwellings with associated site works, access, infrastructure connections, followed by two lot fee simple subdivision of the site.

27 January 2021 || Land Use || 41 Upland Road, Remuera || Extending the upper floor of the dwelling within the boundary of the existing lower floor.

27 January 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 187 Portland Road, Remuera || Demolish all 2 storey  buildings and structures, the construction of four dwellings and a two lot freehold subdivision around the approved land use.

28 January 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 82 Grand Drive, Remuera || The demolition or removal of the existing building and the establishment of three residential dwellings and associated earthwork and building works, as well as subsequent subdivision consent in accordance with the approved land use consent.

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