Resource Consent Applications June 2019

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Listed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for June 2019.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

3 June 2019 || Land Use || 83 Grand Drive, Remuera || The proposal seeks to build a new dwelling on an existing residential site, the ground and upper floors to be created as two separate Lots.

4 June 2019 || Subdivision || 48 Lingarth Street, Remuera || Subdivide into 2 Lots around existing dwelling with vacant site.

5 June 2019 || Land Use || 14 Keith Avenue, Remuera || The proposal seeks to demolish the existing dwelling and construct a new one.

5 June 2019 || Land Use || 273 Victoria Avenue, Remuera || The construction of a new dwelling and associated earthworks on a residential zoned vacant site.

6 June 2019 || Land Use || 32A Winhall Rise, Remuera || The construction of a new dwelling and associated earthworks on a residential zoned vacant site.

6 June 2019 || Subdivision || 1/142A Upland Road, Remuera || Conversion of the existing cross lease title into three freehold allotments around the existing dwellings and shared accessway. No physical works are proposed or required to carry out the subdivision.

7 June 2019 || Land Use || 8 Ngapuhi Road, Remuera || New garage with internal access with new driveway and associated site works located to subfloor of existing house. New entry stair (t o replace existing) with new pedestrian and vehicle gate. New addition to living area at rear of building with new terrace. New first floor dormer roof addition to provide main bedroom suite. Alterations to selected windows and cladding of bay windows.

10 June 2019 || Land Use || 10 Westbourne Road, Remuera || The construction of a new 2 level 5 bedroom dwelling with pool and associated earthworks in a residential single house zone with special character overlay.

10 June 2019 || Land Use || 1/91 Bassett Road, Remuera || A two story addition to an existing building and associated earthworks on a residential zoned site.

12 June 2019 || Land Use || 28 Kelvin Road, Remuera || Alterations and addition to dwelling, new garage, pool and deck with SCAR.

12 June 2019 || Land Use || 17 Platina Street, Remuera || The construction of a new dwelling and associated earthworks on a residential site. The existing house is to be removed.

*14 June 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision ||12 Abbotts Way, Remuera || This resource consent application relates to a proposal for a residential development at 12 and 46 Abbotts Way Remuera. The land use  development involves construction of 53 new residential dwellings. The subdivision will create 53 lots around the residential dwell ings and two vacant lots for future development. Total, there are 55 residential lots proposed for the development.

* Note:

This large undeveloped land holding has been ear-marked for development for many years and some of that history is reflected in the AEE. Previous proposals were for development half as intense as what is now proposed.

Overall this is a non-complying activity that it is preferable to publicly notify the matter using general discretion under the RMA, or to use the ‘special circumstances’ provisions to do so.

The site is mostly  non-visible from the surrounding road networks. The surrounding residential area is intensively filled.  However the potential visual effects of the infill will be visible from parts of the surrounding street network and reserve, and create more than minor character effects. The particular type of terrace housing will also be very different from the existing dominant pattern of housing around it. This character or design for that intensity in this area however is not anticipated and clearly breaks dominant residential character.

The site is bordered by very busy traffic networks: Ladies Mile and Abbots Way.

A 53 lot development with 55  lots in total inclusive of  2 future development lots is a significant development. Staged development is proposed and generates cumulative effects that may be more than minor.

The creation of a new road and effects on Abbotts Way are more than minor and will impact on users of the area and residents.

Proposals for stormwater and connectivity to existing man hole infrastructure in Koraha reserve also potential effect surrounding properties and users in ways that are more than minor.

The Koraha Reserve’s downstream stormwater reticulation is already almost full given existing development in the area. The effects of this proposal will therefore be more than minor on stormwater reticulation.

18 June 2019 || Land Use || 42 Bell Road, Remuera || Partial demolition of existing single garage in the front yard, excavation of area adjoining the garage to extend it to create a new double garage and access path.

20 June 2019 || Discharge Consent || 5 Woodville Road, Remuera || The demolition of an existing dwelling and construction of a new dwelling on a mixed housing residential zone.

20 June 2019 || Land Use || 99 Seaview Road, Remuera || Restricted Discretionary Activity: To construct a new stonewall and barrier to replace an existing stone wall that has collapsed.

24 June 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 16 Spencer Street, Remuera || integrated land use and subdivision resource consent associated with the removal of existing dwelling at 16 Spencer Street, Remuera, and the construction of two new dwellings, including site works, new service connections, the formation of vehicle access across the site, works within the drip-line of street trees, and an associated subdivision.

27 June 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 95 Clonbern Road, Remuera || New dwelling at rear of site, then freehold subdivision into two lots.

27 June 2019 || Subdivision || 747 Remuera Road, Remuera || Conversion of an existing cross lease Lot 1 DP 130001 Half SH Flat 1 and Flat 2 at 747 Remuera Road and 2 Loch Street Remuera Auckland to fee simple titles.

28 June 2019 || Land Use || 92 Grand Drive, Remuera || Exceeding site coverage by 2.30%.

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