Resource Consent Applications October 2019

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Listed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for October 2019.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

1 October 2019 || Land Use || 11 Tirohanga Avenue, Remuera || Demolition of existing garage; additions and alterations to dwelling in Special Character Area.

3 October 2019 || Land Use || 76H Lucerne Road, Remuera || Proposal to install a new pool and undertake additions and alterations to the existing masonry wall at the subject. Refer to AEE for more information.

4 October 2019 || Subdivision || 16 Komaru Street, Remuera || Our application seeks resource consent approval for an update to cross lease plan for Flat 2 DP 161286 on Lot 1 DP 159844.

7 October 2019 || Land Use/ Subdivision || 197 Portland Road, Remuera || To construct two residential dwellings on a site zoned for residential purpose and subdivide the land around the proposed buildings to create two allotments at 197 Portland Road, Remuera.

8 October 2019 || Land Use || Guardian Retail 389 Limited, 389-391 Remuera Road, Remuera || Additions to existing commercial development.

*7 October 2019 || Land Use/ Subdivision/ Discharge/ Water || 34 Wiles Ave, Remuera || Land Use Resource consent to demolish the existing buildings on site and construct a new residential development of 10 dwellings, parking and access and all associated works. Subdivision Resource consent to freehold subdivide around the land use consent.

#15 October 2019 || Land Use/ Subdivision || 17 Lucerne Road, Remuera || Construction of eight new dwellings requiring earthworks on a residential zoned property and an associated eight lot subdivision.

16 October 2019 || Land Use || 92B Waiatarua Road, Remuera || This land use resource consent relates to a proposal to extend the existing dwelling at 92B Waiatarua Road, Remuera. The existing dwelling contains three bedrooms and it is proposed to add one more bedroom and an ensuite at lower floor level and extend the living room at the ground floor level. The proposal will infringe height in relation to boundary rule along the western boundary shared wit h the Council esplanade reserve, therefore a restricted discretionary activity resource consent required.

16 October 2019 || Tree Consent || 139 Arney Road, Remuera || Works within the root zone for Rehydration of Soil.

30 October 2019 || Subdivision || 68 Monteith Crescent, Remuera || Update Unit C (3), Common Area and Accessory Units AU 1, AU 2 and AU 3 from DP 8285.

31 October 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 49 Grand Drive, Remuera || The construction of a new dwelling at the rear and undertake a 2 lot freehold subdivsion surrounding it and the existing dwelling.


*The 10 residential dwelling development proposed for 32-34 Wiles Avenue exceed the minimum dwelling sized as prescribed by the Unitary Plan for a Mixed Housing Suburban Zone.












# The proposed development at 17 Lucerne Road will be formed with two blocks, comprising eight three storey terraced dwellings in total. Three terraced units will from Lucerne Road (units 1-3).  The others (units 4-9) will be laid out perpendicularly to units 1-3, oriented in a northerly direction. This development will likely see users seek on-street parking rather on-site parking owing to potential conflict of 16 cars using one small accessway.

D – Subdivision Plan (Sheet 3 of 3) – Rev BAEE – 17 Lucerne Road

.B – Architectural Plans.

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