Resource Consent Applications September 2019

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Listed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for September 2019.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

3 September 2019 || Land Use || 6 Glenbrook Street, Remuera || Construction of swimming pool, fence, landscaping.

4 September 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 73 Clonbern Road, Remuera || Two new dwellings, removal of two street trees, associated earthworks and two lot subdivision.

5 September 2019 || Land Use || 21 Cotter Avenue, Remuera || Construction of a free standing carport within front yard sit back.

5 September 2019 || Subdivision || 304 Remuera Road, Remuera || Unit title subdivision.

6 September 2019 || Land Use/Discharge || St Kentigern Trust Board, 74-84 Shore Road, Remuera || Construction of Girls School building at St Kentigern School campus, as set out in the Girls School Building AEE. Diversion and discharge of stormwater from the St Kentigern School campus, and modifications to existing stormwater infrastructure, as set out in the Stormwater Diversion and Discharge and Infrastructure Modifications AEE.

12 September 2019 || Land Use || 14A Waiata Avenue, Remuera || Proposed additions and alterations to an existing dwelling on site.

15 September 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 49 Grand Drive, Remuera || To construct two dwellings on site after demolition of the existing one, then undertake a 2 lot freehold subdivision surrounding them.

17 September 2019 || Tree Consent || 65A Portland Road, Remuera || The pohutukawa tree on the southwestern boundary of the property at 65A Portland Road, Remuera is to be pruned. The tree will be pruned on the eastern side of the tree to move the canopy away from the roof at 65 Portland Road. The canopy will be pruned back to the western boundary of 65 Portland Road. This will remove approximately 20-25% of the canopy.

20 September 2019 || Land Use || 3 Bell Road, Remuera || Construction of a pool house and deck.

21 September 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 140 Upland Road, Remuera || Proposed three-unit residential development and associated site works with subdivision around the proposed dwellings.

23 September 2019 || Subdivision || 14 Walton Street, Remuera || To subdivide around two existing dwellings which are currently held in cross-lease ownership.  The two existing dwellings are considered to be lawfully established.

24 September 2019 || Land Use/Stream Consent || Auckland Council.108 Portland Road, Remuera || Flood mitigation and ecological enhancement works in the Waitaramoa Wetland, Portland Road Stream channel and Wharua Reserve. The activities include channel clearance, extension of an existing reclamation, earthworks, vegetation removal, pipe works, and stream and  wetland enhancement and restoration works.

26 September 2019 || Land Use/Subdivision || 44 Grand Drive, Remuera || The applicants prefer to establish two proposed new houses with two individual lots under the potential subdivision development. The  existing house and the relative accessories will be removed or demolished.

30 September 2019 || Land Use || 38 Dell Avenue, Remuera || Propose new 3 level dwelling with 4 bedrooms, 3 living, 3.5 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, swimming pool and double garage.

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