School Bus Services – A Significant Failure

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When Auckland Transport (AT) introduced the “New Bus Network” earlier this year, it included changes to the School Bus Network that has greatly reduced dedicated and useful transport options for pupils travelling to school. The public network cannot provide the same security, interchanging for the young is risky and time consuming, and the journey times are longer. A recent survey reports that an extra 1600 cars are on the road each school day as parents revert to the only proven alternative – yes, that is the opposite outcome for a public transport system.

AT says “only by hearing your voice via public consultation” – and hearing it loudly – will  they take any remedial action. The Regional Public Transport Plan is open for consultation now – it closes Friday 14 December 2018.  Have your say to re-examine the school bus routes provide by AT. The plan shows $11 billion operating spend over the next 10 years – a massive cost – and subsidised school bus services are part of this. Pressure to eliminate and reduce services has prevailed to keep this cost down..but at what cost to our children.

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