Update Clonbern Road Carpark

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The demolition of the upper level of Clonbern car park is scheduled for the 6th January 2019, and we are advised it will take the best part of 10 days to complete the exercise. Once the upper-level has been demolished, then the existing bottom-level will be re-sealed and leveled. This is likely to take several weeks. The full impact of this will be advised, once we have further information.

It is extremely disappointing given the extensive work that has gone into attempting to rebut Councils advice that the car park is unsafe.  The Remuera Business Association’s advice was that a relatively simple and cost-effective fix which would last for a least 3 years is available.  This was the advice from accredited Civil Engineer, Kevin Mulally of Stiffe Hooker.  Panuku’s (the owner) risk profile is extremely low and their appetite is similarly low.


There is a remote possibility that temporary car-parking may be available across from New World at the Clonbern Gardens development site where buildings have recently been demolished, but this is at an early stage of discussion.

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