Resource Consent Applications February 2021

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Pencil-and-PlanListed below are resource consent applications for Remuera received for February 2021.

Details are:

Date Lodged || Application Type || Address and Suburb || Description

2 February 2021 || Land Use/Stream Consent || 123 Portland Road, Remuera || Rebuilding an existing vehicle crossing due to its poor condition. Constructing a keystone retaining wall along both sides of the adjacent modified urban stream to prevent erosion.

3 February 2021 || Land Use || 40A Orakei Road, Remuera || Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.

3 February 2021 || Subdivision || 6 Walton Street, Remuera || Update existing cross-lease title.

4 February 2021 || Land Use || 43 Portland Road, Remuera || To replace and number of windows and doors and make minor changes to walls and balustrades and internal alterations.

*9 February 2021 || Land Use/Water Consent || 42 Arney Road, Remuera || Construction of a new three storey dwelling and associated vehicle access, site works and landscaping.

11 February 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 27 Hapua Street, Remuera || To demolish the existing residential dwelling and to construct two new residential dwellings. To subdivide the underlying parcel into two new parcels and to create two new certificates of title.

12 February 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 181 Upland Road, Remuera || The proposal is demolishing the existing dwelling and its associate accessory buildings, and then construct three new dwellings followed by subdivision around the approved dwellings.

19 February 2021 || Land Use || 3 Ventnor Road, Remuera || Excavate and level front yard area. Construct a new retaining wall 1.1m from the road boundary and 0.93m from side boundary.

22 February 2021 || Subdivision || 714A Remuera Road, Remuera || Cross-lease to fee simple conversion creating two new fee simple residential lots on the site.

22 February 2021 || Land Use || 227 Remuera Road, Remuera || Renovation to an existing dwelling and detached garage loft, renovation of outdoor areas and associated earthworks. Outdoor works involve a new spa, new pool fences, new fireplace, decking and a new cabana.

+23 February 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 37 St Vincent Avenue, Remuera || Site clearance, earthworks, construction of 17 dwellings.

23 February 2021 || Land Use/Subdivision || 97 Seaview Road, Remuera || Adjust consented pool and move across boundary between 97 & 97A Seaview Road and adjust boundary at the same time to keep the pool within 97 Seaview Road.  The applicant owns and controls both properties.


*42 Arney Road

App 4a_Arch Plans

42 Arney Road AEE

+ 37 St Vincents

AEE 37 St Vincent 22-02-2021

Scheme Plans 37 St Vincent


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